About us.
More impact, less waste.
We are a team of designers, technologists, architects, data scientists, and engineers united on a mission to help businesses create their own vibrant environments while keeping goods in the economy longer, creating more local jobs, and replenishing our big environment’s natural resources.

By designers, for designers.

Our mission to decarbonize cities

As we hit reset on office culture, we’ve got an opportunity to rethink what an office can actually be—how we use the space, and what we put in it. We believe that the modern office shouldn’t be a maze of cubicles, filled with chairs that will spend more time in the landfill than at a desk. In a larger sense, we also believe that all people deserve access to healthy, walkable and affordable places to work, play and learn. By building less and adapting what already exists, we can work together to create and curate environments without harming the Big Environment.
Our Values
Be transparent
Seems obvious, but in our industry this is not the norm. We work every day to bring transparent business practices to our customers as a core part of our offering.
This is why we are the first b2b marketplace in our category to be 100% open book. This means our customers see exactly what we pay for goods and never mark them up. Our transaction fee is clear and consistent, always.
Put the planet first
‌Becoming a good citizen in the 21st century requires some education. We all want to do more but sometimes have a hard time figuring out how.
We understand that education is as much a part of becoming a better designer as anything else. This is why we built a new kind of design tool, one that helps us make better decisions that we may otherwise have been oblivious to.
Build community
We define our community as a series of concentric circles starting with our team, our customers, our partners and suppliers, the cities we operate in and of course the planet as a whole.
Sometimes decisions have to be made that require us to draw a line in the sand, whether that be in how someone was treated or a customer asking us to be knock off product or buying from less than reputable sources. We won’t always get these decisions right but we will certainly try to, every day.
Be curious
Canoa sees a fully circular future for ff&e in the commercial real estate world.
To get there, we have to continue challenging ourselves to solve the big and small problems our customers and suppliers face every day, toward a goal of becoming the ‘rails’ by which businesses big and small buy better, and waste less.
Reinventing the way businesses shop for furniture in the commercial world is a big job. Most of the practices used today are remnants of post-world war 2 decisions that no longer apply today.
Guiding businesses to a new way of doing things can be challenging and can face lots of setbacks. Yet the gains if successful are so significant for our customers, for our team and for our planet and so we must push through and persevere.
Our Team
Preston Smith
Sr. Full Stack Engineer
Preston is a senior front end engineer focuses on building interfaces for our core platform.
Lance Amato
Head of Customer Experience
Lance is a Registered Architect who maintains & enhances the relationships w/ CANOA Customers
Josefina Sartori
Product Researcher
Josefina is a designer and researcher and leads curation of our sustainable product catalog.
Federico Negro
Federico is a designer and product strategist focused on growth and product direction.
Ellie Cunningham
Ellie is an experienced operator who heads up all scaling efforts for our organization.
Josh Emig
Head of Product
Josh is a designer and researcher who heads up product, UX, and research.
Nicolas Chaulet
Nicolas is a developer and mathematician who oversees all engineering for us.
Margaret Marsh
Head of Product Engagement
Margaret is a product manager and researcher and is responsible for our core platform.
Mateo Lalich
Sustainable Procurement
Mateo is a procurement and supply chain specialist and leads sustainable procurement efforts.
Alma Lopez-Moses
Head of Creative
Alma is a designer and leads Canoa Studio. She focuses on creative direction and ff&e strategy.
Liz Wert
VP Growth
Liz is a design strategist who leads marketing and sales.
Stephanie Letsinger
Director of Accounts, West Region
Stephanie is a designer who leads account management and the customer experience in the West.
Sabrina Kleman
Senior UX Designer
Sabrina is a User Experience designer for the core platform.
Tony Csoka
Senior Backend Engineer
Tony is a senior backend engineer, he is responsible for the hidden part of our platform.
Chelsea Flintoft
Operations Lead
Chelsea supports the operation team and focuses on marketplace fulfillment.
Kevin Chung
Visual Designer
Kevin is a designer and focuses on art direction and product marketing.
Miranda Metz
Openings Manager
Miranda is an experienced project manager and leads CANOA's opening experiences for all projects nationally.
Khang Pham
Senior Product Manager
Khang is a seasoned product manager who is responsible for the Order Management and Fulfillment functionality of the Canoa app.
David Figatner
Senior Front End Engineer
David is a senior software engineers who focuses on the development of the graphical 2d interface for Tether.
Ngoc Nguyen
FF&E Designer
Ngoc is a designer and researcher and leads curation of our sustainable product catalog.
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